There is no place like home

Another day is in the books. It was a long one, folks! I woke up this morning at 5:45am to what we midwesterners like to call the “icy death”, which in short is not quite rain, not quite ice and accumulates on everything, which makes the roads look and function like an ice skating rink. It’s beautiful, but not something you want to travel in. This “icy death” usually results in downed power lines or fallen trees and a whole lot of people who suddenly lost the ability to drive responsibly or in some cases, drive at all.

I received the notification that my daughter’s school was on a delay, I decided I was going to lay in bed for a while longer and try to relax a bit, I had some coffee and watched the news. It was in short, an amazing start to the day. I didn’t feel rushed, the dogs laid quietly beside me, my husband had already left for work. No one was talking to me or needed anything from me! It was magic…….

Then at 7:30 I realized I still had to drag my butt into work, so I started to get ready. I woke my daughter up, explained to her that we needed to get moving. School was delayed, but I had to bring her to work with me so I didn’t have to drive 15 minutes to work and 15 minutes back home to get her, just to drive the 15 minutes back to take her to her bus stop and go back to work. My house is situated in between two cornfields in a teeny tiny town. Road maintenance isn’t exactly a priority in these parts. I was not driving in this crap all morning. Nope, no way. Not interested.

So the kid was finally mobile, thank the Lord. I don’t know how many of you have teenagers, but they are literally the worst little things to wake up and get moving. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard, “buuuuuttttt moooooommmmmm, I’m sooooooo tired”! Kid, you don’t know what tired is. When you work 50 hours a week, run a household, and are in the process of completing your MBA, you can tell me how tired you are! These kids have no idea what tired is. Exhaustion is really what it is! I’m pretty sure I’ve developed a permanent eye spasm, which has resulted from not getting enough sleep. Oh well, my husband still thinks I’m cute, even with my weird eye tick.

So fast forward the rest of the morning, the day went well, I felt accomplished for a Thursday. However, before I knew it, it was 6:45 and I was still working. Why does that happen? You promise yourself and your family, I’ll be home early today. And then it’s almost 7 o’clock. Why is it so hard for us as professionals, to turn it off? Why do we insist on working later than everyone else? Why can’t we stop? I don’t know about you, but sometimes I like working as hard as I do. But then I don’t and then I regret it, a lot. Remember the eye twitch? This is usually about the time I would suggest a glass of wine. Pinot? Chenin Blanc? How about readers choice. Get your sippy cup, we are about to have a “drink in the closet” moment.

I’ve noticed lately I’ve been working many more hours than I ever have. Plus, I’m trying to finish my MBA. And now, I added writing a blog on top of it. Why in the heck would I do that to myself? And my family? Well because I think this might be helpful for me. I’ve journaled before, but this is like writing a journal on steroids, that hopefully people look forward to reading. It makes me accountable, not just to my readers, but also to myself. I’ll be able to look back on these posts and really see how I have progressed from day one of this blog and hopefully have something I can be really proud of.

So I hope that all this hard work really does pay off. I hope you enjoy my silly stories and wine filled commentary about this crazy little life. Today was good, it was busy, but when I finally did get to spend some time with my family we had dinner, laughed and talked about our upcoming holiday and family vacation. It was nice. Now I am laying in my bed, husband softly snoring beside me, and the dog making herself extremely cozy next to me on my blanket( yes it has wine on it, Thanks mom!) The house is quiet, warm, and filled with love. And this my friends, is what that hard work is for. There is no place like home.

My Yorkie, Tinkerbell
My Yorkie, Tinkerbell.

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