On Friday’s We Win(e)

Yeeeeesssss!  It’s the weekend! Winning! Saturday is upon us and I’ve been up since 5am getting my family ready to head south for the next seven days.  It will be nice not to see ice and snow on the ground for a week! I am certainly thankful for that.  This time of year is all about family, friends, giving thanks and of course, drinking wine.


Thanksgiving is a bittersweet time for me and my family.  We have tons of family that live within 15 minutes of our home.  However, we also have extended family located all over the country.  My paternal grandmother lives in Florida by herself, so we make it a point to make the trip to be with her during the holidays if we can.  My grandfather and father, who lived with her, passed away in December of 2006 and 2014 respectively, so she has a difficult time during the holidays. This year she persuaded us to spend some time with her, so my husband and I decided it would be nice to get away and make her little heart happy.  Making this trip is difficult not because of the travel, but it forces us to forego Thanksgiving with the rest of our families.  We leave my husband’s parents to celebrate on their own (he is an only child).  We also leave my mother and step-father, my siblings, their partners, and my nieces and nephews behind.  This is hard for everyone, but especially my mom because she really enjoys spending time with all of her kids, their significant others and her grandchildren.  So in order for my husband and I to feel less guilty about not being here for Thanksgiving, we spent some time with my family last night and will be doing the same with his family tonight.  I have one million other things to do, but what the heck, let’s throw in a couple more.  It’s fine, right?  Last time I checked I was a card-carrying member of the “mom’s with super powers society”, so it’s cool.  I got this!


So let me go back to last night.  Yesterday was Friday, and I was feeling it!  Work was good, I got most everything accomplished that I wanted to before leaving for a week on holiday vacation.  I left a little early and my daughter and I went to get relaxation massages.  Yes, she is spoiled and no, I don’t care that people think that.  She is the only daughter I will ever have, so we do these kinds of things together.  We are bougie (https://www.refinery29.com/2017/01/135407/migos-bad-boujee-meaning)  and we like it that way.  Anyway, back to the massages.  They were a way to really put us in the mood for the next seven days of sun, sand, and stuffing our faces full of turkey! In short, it was a nice start to the weekend and the week ahead.

After our massages, we went to my mother’s house for dinner.  My mom lives in a sweet little cottage that I adore (it’s as hot as the seventh circle of Hell), but it is so welcoming and she ALWAYS has food.  My mom is always cold and doesn’t like to be, so her sweet little house is kept at a sweltering 78 degrees in the winter. Stuff twelve people in there and it’s another thousand degrees, easily! Aside from dying from heat exhaustion, it was the literal definition of “eat, drink and be thankful and merry”. We had wine and food, and then some more wine, layers of clothes came off (my sister and I ended up in tank tops in the kitchen).  My sister-in-law, Kate had what she referred to as a “baby GAP” t-shirt on under her sweatshirt, so she just complained about how hot she was and left the sweatshirt on!  It was hilarious!  Soon, stories of Thanksgivings’ past were brought up, and I laughed so hard, that it made my side hurt!   I loved spending that time with them. It’s always so much fun, and totally worth the time spent doing it.  Priorities, people.  That’s what life and being a supermom is really about.  Making time and prioritizing that time for the things and the people who you love.


So as I finish cleaning, packing, and heading off to sunny Florida, I will be thinking about my family (and wine) filled Friday night, laughing to myself and giving thanks for the time I do get to spend with them.  While it may not be as often as we like, or for as many hours, I am glad we were able to all get together.  Remember that if you are too busy making a living, you will forget to make a life.  Make time for the important people in your life, relax, drink wine, and make new memories that are good enough to put your phone down for.  I challenge you over the next few days to really prioritize someone special in your life, think about what you are thankful for and then show them how much they mean to you.  You may not even know how much that will mean to them.


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