Hello from Paradise

It’s a beautiful day here in Nassau, Bahamas. Our family vacation has been nothing short of magical. Enjoying this place with my family has been wonderful. My husband and I have been here a few times, previously and we were very excited to bring the kids to experience this adventure with us. Now that they are older, they can really appreciate Atlantis.

Atlantis Resort Paradise Island

If you have never been to Atlantis or Paradise Island, you should, at least once. For me, nothing is better than Island life. And this Island is full of fun things to do, beautiful beaches and if you go into the downtown area, The Straw Market has a lot of talented local artists and handmade souvenirs. However, this post is not about any of that, don’t get me wrong, I could probably write a nice travel blog, but what I want to focus on is family.

So here we are. This is my family, husband, handsome bonus son, and beautiful daughter. I call him my bonus son, because at our house “step” anything always felt too Cinderella-ish. So instead I am his “bonus” mom and he is my “bonus” son. The great thing about our blended family is that his mother and I get along really well. I consider her family and she is a sweet friend as well. I feel very blessed to have such a wonderful relationship with her. It wasn’t always this easy, but over the last fifteen years, we’ve really tried hard to be the best moms we both could be. And here we are now, killing this co-parenting thing!

Becoming a blended family right out of the gate was difficult for me, to say the least. I was still fairly young and I was not really interested in being a “mom”. However, it was the best decision I have ever made. Instead of just gaining a husband, I also got a son, and his extended family too. A few years later, we added our daughter to the mix, which completed our family. Our little family was perfect!

Look at these kids! They have had so much fun this week, together. They snorkeled in the beautiful ocean, swam with dolphins and stingrays and were amazed by the aquariums located at the hotel. They have played in the sand and went down 60ft slides. I would say they have had one of the best vacations with us. They are sad that we are leaving to go home today. But we are already planning our next family vacation!

For our family this time of year isn’t about gifts, but more for time. Time with each other, time spent making memories, time spent having once-in-a-lifetime experiences. So as we gather around our Christmas tree this year, it won’t be for the gifts, it will be for story telling, laughing, smiling, and planning our next adventure.

Happy Holidays to everyone near and far. Enjoy your time together!


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